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Eliminate Unneccessary Trips To The Pharmacy With Time MY Meds

Tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy several times a month? We can help! Time My Meds is a new initiative that we have launched at Healthlink Pharmacy.

Mother and Daughter at Pharmacy

This free program ensures that all of your medications come due for pickup at the same time, eliminating numerous trips to the pharmacy. We can set all your medications to be synchronized once monthly or every 3 months. We will even call you 5 days before your medications are due to let you know that your medications are ready!


Ask a pharmacy team member about Time My Meds today.


Pick Your Date

Choose the date that is most convenient for your prescriptions to be filled and picked up.


Ready Notification

After your prescriptions are filled we will contact you to let you know they are ready.


Free Consultation

We are available to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your health or medications.

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